· Adventures in the pond ·

About the author

author Kay Williams was born in a small welsh village called Ebbw Vale, in 1958.
In 1959 she moved to another part of Wales called Chepstow.
Kay stayed in Chepstow till she was 18 years old, then moved around a while.
She lived in Manchester for a few years, then back to Chepstow.
Other places Kay has lived are Ross-On-Wye, Hereford and Weston-Super-mare.
Kay moved back to Wales 17 years ago and now lives in Bridgend.
Kay is now divorced with two grown up daughters and 5 grandchildren.
Kay’s main job is a senior sales manager, which she work full time.
The writing only started 2 years ago and is going from strength to strength.

About the illustrator

illustrator Danna Victoria is an experienced designer whose expertise lies in children book illustrations, websites and logo design. She is a free-spirited artist who is versatile in using lots of tradition drawing techniques in combination with new technological software to provide custom illustrations that are undoubtedly new to everyone’s eyes. She always go extra mile to deliver a piece of artwork that is going to leave the author falling in love with the book. She works in a creative home studio with her two dogs, which alongside a cup of well brewed coffee always serves as a source of inspiration.

You can check her work at: www.dannavictoria.com

How adventures in the pond started?

“I go to Malta every year to visit my very close friends, Helen and Mark. They have two children called Amelia and Mattea. After returning home after a visit last year, Helen was talking to me on messenger. "Amelia is playing up a bit, as she has no books left to read". On reply I typed, let me see if I can write a book for her. That night I went to my bed IPad always close by, as I wake up so many times in the night. It is not uncommon that I pass a level on Cookie Jam at 2am. In the morning as I cannot sleep. I reached for my IPad, not to play a game but to write a story. This idea popped into my head about a fish his name was Fido. To cut this story short I wrote Fido The Fish At The Bottom Of The Pond by 3am, turned over and went back to sleep.

Next morning I reached for my IPad. Did I write a story or was it a dream? Yes, the story was there on my IPad. I read the story over and over again, having a little chuckle as I went along. That evening I emailed the story over to Helen. The next day a message popped up Amelia loved the story and I should get it published as other children would also like it. So the research and hard work then started. I sent Fido to a company in London, within a week I had a contract on my door mat when I came home from work. Now what do I do???

I read the contract from cover to cover. Yes some of it looked very good, until I got to clause 16. Shock Horror they wanted £2,300 from me to go into partnership with them, as they said I was a new author. I went to messenger and contacted Helen. “Help" I said “what do I do now?" Helen came out with the idea of looking into self-publishing. Again the research started. To self-publish I would have to have a book with illustrations for it to stand out. Searching on the internet for an illustrator was like a mine field one step forwards and about ten back. I chatted to a few illustrators, and then I came across Danna Victoria.

We chatted for a while then I sent her the story over, she loved the story and between the both of us the book came alive. Now I had a book I thought. I contacted a few publishers, there was a 3 months wait on some of them, and others would not accept any manuscripts. This was a long process; I was not going to give up. Cambria Books liked my book, this was great news. A meeting was set up and I was given a contract... Happy days. To keep the cost down as there is always a pre-publication cost. I found myself an editor and a formatter. The story was check and the editor changed some of the text then sent back to me Off I sent it to my formatter and Hey Ho within a few hours the book came back. I was beaming from ear to ear. Fido was published in Dec 2015 and selling well. Since then, Gizmo and Tiddles have been released and selling well. Jaws is out in July and the other 2 to follow. In the first series there is one book for each fish. Second series will be out soon.”

Kay Williams